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Monday, April 10, 2006

Giving Our Country Away

"This is what democracy is all about. When the people speak they will be heard."
-- Senator Dick Durbin, addressing pro-illegal alien crowd at Truman College in Chicago earlier this evening

This morning I posted this about illegal aliens stealing a voice in our democracy. Tonight I listened to those who have been elected to represent me and my fellow Illinoisians give it away.

My senator, Dick Durbin, telling illegal aliens that they have a voice in what goes on in Washington. Offering words of admiration and encouragement for those who are in the country illegally to demand legalization and citizenship.

My congressman, Luis Gutierrez, inciting illegal aliens to continue marching and organizing to make the legislation they want possible. Repeating the White House phone number and telling people to call, and to get all their friends to call, to let the president know what they are demanding.

My elected representatives are giving away the rights of the American people, the value and power of democracy, the very voice of the citizens of this country, to those who have broken our laws to come, stay, and work here. They are using these lawbreakers to try and drown out my voice -- the voice of a citizen -- a resident of Durbin's Illinois -- a resident of Gutierrez's 4th congressional district.

They want to shut me up so they can keep pumping out their nation-of-immigrants-they-just-want-to-work-doing-the-jobs-racist-prejudiced-bigoted-Americans-won't-do rhetoric.

But I've got some bad news (just ask my husband) for Senator Durbin, Congressman Gutierrez, and all the other politicans who are riding this insulting wave of illegal alien marches and arrogrant demands: I DON'T SHUT UP.

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