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Monday, April 10, 2006

Making MY Voice Heard

When Jake and I arrived at the pro-illegal alien meeting -- I mean "immigration reform" meeting -- in Chicago this evening, I came with a statement to make, specifically to my congressman, Luis Gutierrez. Or, as we affectionately like to call him chez nous, Race Pandering Whore.

I sweated it out through a number of speakers with my jacket on, until Gutierrez finally took the stage. I was standing far back enough from the stage that I wasn't sure he'd be able to see this:

I got my answer, however, when he looked my way and smoothly inserted a few comments about how there were "enemies here tonight" who would like to get some attention, and get them (illegal aliens and those who love them) to do something that would make them look bad.

I hate to break the news to my RPW, but they're managing to make themselves look bad all by themselves, marching in the streets without a right to be here in the first place, waving Mexican flags and chanting that yes, they can, in Spanish.

Fortunately for me (not to mention Jake, who would have had to leap to my rescue), no one attacked me physically for offering a tacit yet loud message from the opposition.

I did get a reaction though, judging by Gutierrez's comments, and some from those around me. The thoughtfully intelligent responses from the crowd around me included -- and I quote:

"Stinkin' t-shirt! That's a stinkin' t-shirt!"
"Wanna take a pee pee."
"Smell somethin' bad."
"Who's Tancredo?"
"He's that anti-immigrant *expletive*."
"Would like to take a pee pee."
"What's that smell?"

I don't know what I was thinking, trying to send a message of my own. Why would my RPW listen to what this citizen has to say, when he can enjoy this kind of witty repartee from millions of illegal aliens?

NOTE: Other citizens are making their voices heard, these folks in Berkeley, as seen on Michelle Malkin.

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