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Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Barney Style!

Our good blog pal Gunner from The Tanker Brothers gives a brutal fisking to a moonbat letter he found lurking in his hometown paper.

A taste of the goodness...
1. Why is it that enforcing laws that were already voted on and passed (years ago) by our legislative representatives (you know, the ones actual American citizens - White, Black, Hispanic, Asian, etc... voted into office) seem racist to you? Does that mean that if we prosecute someone who happens to rob a grocery store, and also happens to be Hispanic, that the law is somehow "racist"? What if the grocery store owner is also Hispanic? Would enforcing the law against armed robbery still seem "racist"? Being Hispanic myself, I am often ashamed at how often you people (you LULAC PEOPLE) love to throw around the word "racist", trying to somehow intice the audience to sympathize with you, and immediately portraying anyone with a contrary argument as hateful. You, Sir, are the one that is hateful.
A little reminder for the memory challenged, LULAC used to be a pro-American group. Now? not so much.

Read it.

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