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Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Laws That Only Apply...

To Citizens?

Source: azstarnet
City man arrested after Mexican-flag burning

A Tucson man was arrested Tuesday for his role in the burning of a Mexican flag as part of a counterprotest at a pro-immigration rally.
At about 4:30 p.m. Tuesday, Tucson police cited Roy Warden, 58, on suspicion of assault, criminal damage and reckless burning, and then released him, according to Sgt. Decio Hopffer.
Here's the silly part...
Warden faces the criminal-damage charge for harm done to the concrete shuffleboard court where Warden's group was burning the Mexican flag, Hopffer said.
Yeah! They damaged a concrete shuffleboard court, okay! That concrete must have come from a mob contractor in Chicago. :)
Warden said the charges are a direct result of political pressure from the Mexican Consulate.
"If they saw something unlawful, why didn't they commit an arrest then?" Warden said. *snip*

Another member of Border Guardians, Laine Lawless, called the arrest a petty way to punish the group for its dissenting voice.
This is truly extrordinary to me. Yes, I recognize the other charges, but the simple fact is an American citizen has been charged for burning a Mexican flag in protest.

Has a Mexican citizen on our soil EVER been charged for burning an American flag?

I didn't think so.

Our police and elected officials are scared spitless of these folks, are we?

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