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Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Cut The Bums Off!

Michelle Malkin brings us a follow up to the disturbing story that took place at UC Santa Cruz yesterday. Military recruiters were driven off the campus by anti-war goons in a shameful display with at the very least covert support from the administration.

William Perry Pendley sent this in an email to Donald Rumsfield today...
April 12, 2006 For Immediate Release Contact: William Perry Pendley

DENVER, CO. Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld should withhold federal funds from a California college given the failure of the college to ensure the safe presence of military recruiters on campus, the Secretary was advised by a public interest law firm in a letter released today. According to news reports, military recruiters were forced to flee yesterday from a University of California Santa Cruz job fair because of a raucous mob. Mountain States Legal Foundation advised Rumsfeld that the college’s actions violate the Solomon Amendment, which requires that colleges permit military recruiters on campus or lose all federal funds. UC Santa Cruz received $80 million in federal funds during 2005. A unanimous Supreme Court ruled the Solomon Amendment constitutional early last month.

“It is outrageous that members of the Armed Forces, who are asked to serve in harm’s way in Afghanistan and Iraq, are driven from a campus by a mob in America,” said William Perry Pendley, president and chief legal officer of Mountain States Legal Foundation. “Unless Secretary Rumsfeld responds to this craven violation of federal law, radicals on other campuses will be emboldened, will endanger the lives of men and women in uniform, and will deny students the right to learn how they may serve their country.”
Sounds right to me!

Read it all.

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