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Thursday, April 13, 2006

Protests backfire!

Source: WND
Recent images of seas of illegal aliens marching in cities across the U.S. are having a far greater negative than positive impact on the foreigners' cause, according to a new poll.

A Zogby survey of nearly 8,000 people shows coast-to-coast protests against immigration proposals in Congress – particularly to make it a federal felony to be an illegal worker in the U.S. – have not persuaded a majority of likely American voters.

Asked whether the protests have made likely voters more or less sympathetic toward undocumented workers, 61 percent said they're less likely to be sympathetic to the plight of illegals as a result of the protests, while only 32 percent of respondents said they're now more sympathetic. Younger respondents to the poll were more likely to be sympathetic than were older participants. And while 56 percent of Democrats said the protests made them feel more sympathy for unlawful workers, just 6 percent of Republicans felt that way.
I'm not surprised by these results in the slightest. The conservative results are what I see reflected all day long. What's interesting is that Democrats are almost evenly split on this issue. I keep hearing this is a wedge issue for Republicans, and it is, but all Republicans need to do is what an enormous number of their base and 50% of Democrats are looking for to kick ass in the upcoming elections. Cuz I think we all know that Democrats cannot put the country first here.
"The gap between what the American people believe ... and what these elites in Washington thinks is right, that continues to grow wider," said host Sean Hannity on his national radio program today. "Many Republican leaders are siding with the elites, they are not siding with the people that put them in office."

The survey also shows an overwhelming majority of Americans – nearly 4 out 5 – is doubtful President Bush and Congress will find a fair and effective solution to the immigration crisis. While 88 percent of Democrats and 85 percent of independents said it's unlikely a solution will be found, 66 percent of Republicans agreed.

Doubt about the prospect of Washington's success on the issue spreads across all geographic and racial demographics, the survey shows.
Again, this is precisely what I see when I take the pulse of the blogosphere. People are just tired of this issue and want it solved. They've been begging for this to be fixed since at least '86!

In a way I hope Washington doesn't listen, I think those old boys need a little taste of shoe leather to remind them who they work for and I personally hope a third party is able to make some serious hay with this issue. The Republican Party has always struggled with actual conservatism, why not have a true conservative party espousing true conservative values?

I think it's about time. Personally I think it's time to get past the R/D thing, I don't think it's reflective of a whole pisspot full of people, I know it's not reflective of me and truthfully I know plenty of Democrats who feel left behind by the party of racial grievance and abortion.

Anywho, time to lead, excrete or get out of the way Beltway Boys. What'll it be?

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