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Saturday, April 01, 2006

Compare & Contrast


Time magazine just threw a poll and somehow, out of the blue got the exact answer they were looking for...
Americans polled by TIME magazine show strong support for a guest-worker program and a process for undocumented workers to become citizens,
Don't believe the hype. AOL ran a poll recently with the exact same question and got a wildly different answer, know why I trust AOL's poll more? Over three hundred thousand people answered it, not just a bunch of elitists in upper Manhattan...
Would you support a temporary worker program? (Source: AOL)
No 58%
Yes 42%
Total Votes: 325,212
Well, what explains this discrepancy? An elite media source throws a poll and somehow in the face of overwhelming public opinion get the answer they desire. Whereas, AOL throws up a poll with a very clear and direct question and get an answer that seems to comport with what Americans are actually saying.

It goes on. ..
but they take a tough stance on securing the borders. And most do not want illegal immigrants to have access to health care, public education or driver's licenses.
Your damn straight skippy! So the elites at Time are batting .500. Not bad for an elite media outlet, but not great either. Let's consult the AOL poll again...
Would you support erecting a fence along the Mexican border?
Yes 80%
No 20%
Total Votes: 234,538

Should those who sneak across the border be treated as felons?
Yes 77%
No 23%
Total Votes: 233,594

Should those already in the country have a path to citizenship?
No 68%
Yes 32%
Total Votes: 233,335

How big of an issue is illegal immigration?
Very 86%
Somewhat 10%
Not at all 4%
Total Votes: 230,589
It seems to me that big media, politicians and the alleged moderates have one thing in common with children. They often hear what they want to hear.

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