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Sunday, April 30, 2006

Joshua Bolten: Another Wanker

Source: bloomberg

Fitting in nicely amongst the globalists and elitists the president has surrounded himself with Josh Bolten had this to say to Americans today...
White House Chief of Staff Joshua Bolten said he didn't know if the protests would cause opponents to stiffen their resolve against immigration law changes backed by Bush.

``There are ways to solve the enormous illegal immigration problem that we have in this country,'' he said on the ``Fox News Sunday'' program. ``But I think only if we tone down the very emotional rhetoric on both sides of it and come to some consensus position in the middle.''
How about no Josh? How about that. How about you sons of bitches start enforcing the law. I'm emotional cuz I see my country going down the tubes, which part of that am I supposed to be happy about so you bastards can get your slave labor?

Nevermind, it's a rhetorical question.

One final thought. I believe it was Eugene McCarthy who once said "The worst accidents happen in the middle of the road." Let's not find consensus, let's enforce the law!

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