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Saturday, April 29, 2006

But Wait...

There's even more stupid...
narrow Minded
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what does it take to be different and yet the same, I have all the same organs, my blood is the same color, we can all talk the mutual langue of hand gestures, we laugh, we cry, but only laws and lines on a map make us different. if you look at the founding of this country, the arms were open to all, but now they are folded or crossed, it makes me sad to think someone can't live here due to some law or live anywhere they want for that fact..... and people who were born here and have this narrow concept that this is there land, should have done to them what the white man did to the people who were already living here over two hundred years ago. I believe that loyalty should not be to a nation, but to family, friends and there fellow man.
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Well, you know my opinion on this already! I will save my long rant for another day but ... Ignorance breeds violence. Violence begets violence! To stop this vicious cycle we have to stop be ignorant. Accept people for who they are and not judge them based on their nationality, their ethnicity, their religion! There are good and evil in each and every one of those (nationality, ethnicity, religion) and it is terribly sad to see so many lump the entire group based off the actions of the bad ones. INFURIATES ME!
President Bush said today that if the immigrants want to live here they need to speak Enlgish, sing the anthem in English. What the hell?! Is our own President so ignorant to not embrace teh diversity of this country and accept it for greatness it brings. These people are here because they WANT TO BE HERE. So, if they speak another language or sing the anthem in another langauge does that make them any less acceptable? Hardly! I am so eager to see what happens in American when the imigrants stop working for a day.
Years ago I would have agreed with the President. Shoot, I have said the same things in the past. Then, I realized how incredibly ignorant and RACIST it was. Instead of fearing differances - embrace them. I did and have met some of the most amazing people in the world! I have friends that are Iraqi, Muslim, Iranian, Gay! Should I close my eyes to them because of what the media says? I am thankful I am not a sheep but a shepherd this matter!!
We sincerely wish this sort of stupidity was limited, but it's not, so order freely!

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