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Friday, April 28, 2006

Comments From The Reconquistas...

These comments were found in a steaming pile beneath this post over at QandO...
Dont you people understand that all we want is better lives.I know that there are many people out there talking bad about us saying that we should go back to our country. Well isnt that what you people did to the afican americans. they worked hard for their right and thanks to some people like Rosa parks and Martin luther king and of course the afican Americans who put their part into it they got what was right.Who would of known that year later that same thing would happen but to latinos. we are doing what we think we should do,if you’re not with us well that ok because everyone has their on opinion.but let me tell this now !!! LATINOS WILL ALWAY BE UNITED!!!
I just wish they could be united with their home countries!
You people are so selfish. You don’t understand that Hispanics/latinos are more willing to work than all ya lazy ass people. WE are punctual, honest, and have many more qualities than all you people put together. our lord can see what you guys are doing and he is going to come down hard on you people on JUDGEMENT DAY i just pray he has mercy on your souls!!!!!!!!!!!!
Funny thing, where is all this hard work in the Latin American countries? Do they wait until they come here and suddenly turn into super workers?
I agree with Jazmine, if the thought is to send Hispanics back to their countries, why doesn’t everyone else that is not of "Indian American" decent go back to theirs? All of our ancestors came here with hopes of a better life, except African Americans, they were brought here. Immigration is nothing new, this issue is not about immigration, it’s about who is immigrating, about the color of the immigrant’s skin. If all the illegal immigrants were from Europe (which I’m sure a lot of them are), we wouldn’t be having this issue because they happen to be WHITE. People in the US have to remember that Hispanics are very united people and the struggle won’t stop no matter how much hate and how much hurt is thrown our way. We’re smart, hard working, family oriented, God fearing people that are here to stay.
Those damn WHITE people, they're trouble I say, trouble!
SHARK you going straight to HELL!!!!!!!
You however mi chicita, are going straight back to Mexico, I'm not sure which is worse though.
I just want to say someting really quick about the mexicanas the mexicans rule the world they just want to help out and don’t sent the poor people that they don’t have papoaers they want to help tp get papaer for them and stay with their family and be happy ok mexican. I am real MEXICAN people belive or not ok PURO MEXICO MEXICANOS what the hell the gringos are talking about I know that they don’t like the mexican they are just racies and dum asses they don’t know what they are talking ok so don’t listen to them mexicans.
Hold on a second, I thought God created whiskey to keep the Irish from ruling the world, are you telling me he also created cervezas to keep Mexicans...
you all lazzy white people you know that mexicans work harder then all u put 2gather... for only a cuple of dollers when u all wen more for sitting on ur a......
When txt mssgng goes bad. LOL!
We all know this country is not truely based on equality, from the foundation when the constitution was drafted, slaves were not considered part of the "men" who were to recieve this new equality. we till this day still live by the same constitution, and although amendments have changed some of it, what is occuring today is still prove that there is much to change.

hate, and race should not be a part of this. but unfortunately it is. Racism is still very prevelent in the USA and those who think it has been obliviated are indeed naive.

This issue is not a fun one, and America will be split in the middle. but it must be done. we must prove those who fought for freedom fought it for all ( although they probably did not).
Freedom from the law! It has a certain ring to it you gotta admit.
On May 1st 2006, 20 million Hispanics will take to the streets in the United States and the world will listen. 100 years ago 20 thousand Mexicans protested the theft of their land in Northern Mexico and no one listened as they were killed, raped and tortured. They stood up, risked their lives and fought back, men, women and children. So they could have a better life. I am proud of the Soldadera, I am proud of the Mexican who is not afraid to fight for his country, Mexico. If those 20 million Hispanics, men, women and children would turn south, and take mexico back from the corrupt officials, they could turn it back in the great country it once was...Viva Mexico! Viva La Revolution, Viva La Soldadera... I love mexico, I love those with balls enough to fight back against the corruption. That’s who we need to be fighting both in the USA and Mexico.. Are the politcal Dogs who enslave us all..
No the world won't listen. It will pay attention for approximately nineteen seconds and then move on to the next idiot story. You however will have used up any shred of compassion Americans felt for your sorry asses, followed by a swift and certain removal of your sorry asses.

I hear Mexico is lovely this time of year, hope you enjoy it!

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