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Thursday, April 27, 2006

Seaboard pork plant to close for immigration rally

Source: Reuters
CHICAGO (Reuters) - Seaboard Corp. said it will close its Guymon, Oklahoma, pork plant on Monday to allow workers to attend rallies planned for that day in support of immigration reform, the company said.

The plant has a daily hog slaughter capacity of about 16,000 head, the company said.

On Tuesday, Cargill Inc. said its five beef plants and two hog plants will be closed on Monday for the rallies.
Now why would they do that? I'm certain all their employees are here legally, so why close the plants?

Yeah, what does it say that they are willing to forego a workday to have continued access to their slaves. I think it's high time we hung a couple of these skunks.

I know I'm rambling here, but I'm genuinely astonished by the brazenness, the brazenness I say!

I've said this before but, do we really want this sort of human scum, the lowest of the low driving any aspect of our immigration policy? Do we think for one red hairy Baboon's ass that they give a flying rat's butt about you or I?

I think not.

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