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Thursday, April 27, 2006

Reconquista Blues

All Things Beautiful reports...
I woke up this morning to a comment in my comments section in Spanish, telling me that President Bush is an idiot, and that I had better get used to this commenter's language, as it will be officially recognized in his part of the country, within a few years.

Deal with it.
Here's the comment with a response from ATB...
Hace años, le dijimos que el presidente fuera un idiota. Tony Snow no uniforme lo defenderá, puesto que él tomó esta decisión absurda.

Acomódese a usar esta lengua. Será reconocido oficialmente en mi parte del país, después de algunos años.

["Get used to this language. It will be officially recognized in my part of the country, within a few years."

When you wake up from your dream let me know, in the meantime, this is not the official language of the USA, and certainly not of this blog. If you want to be understood make your point in English, especially if you want to slam the Administration as you are doing. And yes you are right, the President is an idiot for trying to be fair to your countrymen, but don't worry you will fix that by your actions. I see you have the right attitude.

If you post again in Spanish it will be deleted. Yours sincerely ATB]
Why don't we believe them? Why won't we believe them?

Whenever someone makes a comment like this it seems to me everyone leaps in the air as if they've been goosed and begin prattling about how they don't really mean it, it's only a small number of idiots that say these sort of things.

Is that true?

Seems to me I hear this kind of talk more and more with an attendant number of excuses, evasions and flat out fingers in the ears la-la-la-ing to cover up the unpleasant sound it inevitably makes.

See, I have a theory. The Super Villain theory. A super villain will always tell you what dastardly deeds he plans to perform before he performs them.

So we have 12 million illegal aliens in this country, pointedly unassimilated, and now the tone turns threatening and we're being told, told not hinted at or in a roundabout fashion, told that this country or at least parts of it will be retaken for Mexico.

Well, NO! I've said it before and I'll say it again, it's time to place a pointy toed boot where it hurts every time we even sense someone thinking this tripe. It's time to take this fight to the enemy. Let me spell it out for the slow and the dumb.

Mexico is our implacable enemy. They are a ringworm on our nation, a ringworm that feels entitled to all the blood and treasure it can amass. You don't negotiate with a ringworm, you don't look to a ringworm to help solve the problem of ringworm infestations, you kill ringworms.

Now I know some gentle readers are hyper-ventilating and fanning themselves with lace hankies so let me be clear. I'm not suggesting you go kill Mexicans in the streets. My beef is with Mexico whom I regard as an open and unabashed enemy and I guarantee we will have violent strife with Mexico within the next decade. Guarantee it.

It is in a literal sense time to tell Mexico to go screw, to piss up a rope, to take a hike.

As to those who live in this country and feel a need to threaten us with their reconquista dreams? It's time for them to be removed from this country with prejudice. In the hardest way possible.

If your dream is for this country to be reduced to the pitiable level of Mexico?

Let me be the first to suggest that the border works both ways, asshat!

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