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Friday, April 07, 2006

A Rant For The Fly-Over States.

Our new contributor Jim Kotthoff dropped this into my email inbox this morning. He dons his Dennis Miller mask and lets loose, good and bad, how he feels over the immigration debate this week...
This has been a busy event filled week on the news and illegal immigration front. I am not sure were to begin. Actually I do know where. I want to send out props to a few people:

Tom Tancredo and the 94 member immigration reform caucus for listening to the folks and keeping our wishes to the front.

Jake, MJ and many other bloggers (Too many to name all) for keeping the debate alive via the Internet.

Sen. John Kyle for having the guts to speak against the powers that be in the senate.

Sen. Cynthia McKinney for once again proving that politicians as a whole are despicable babies.

Michelle Malkin and Fox News Corp for continuing to give our views a national stage.

Vdare, Fair, CIS and Numbers USA for providing factual data on illegal immigration and its effects on society.

Now on to my rant (Sorry all I am a little steamed today. I am disgusted by the recent speeches by John McCain and company. To begin with lets correct a statement you made. A majority of Americans don’t agree with you that the guest worker program is not amnesty. Most Americans feel that by allowing those in this country illegally to stay you are granting them amnesty. This idea of 5/2-5/under 2 is a joke. First off how will you be able to verify that the person has been here illegally as long as they claim? Secondly you choose to reward those who broke the law longer with a better deal? Does that mean a drug dealer who has been selling drugs longer should get a better deal then one who got caught earlier? And before you all get excited I am not equating illegal immigration with drug dealing (although there are similarities in how it is perceived).
Lets look at some of the arguments against enforcing the laws we have heard this week. I have already touched on the work Americans won’t do myth. But lets look at the claims of the business community.

Stephen E Sandherr of The Associated General Contractors Of America “If you deport 11 million undocumented workers you MIGHT be shutting down the construction industry “ First they are Illegal Aliens not undocumented workers. Notice he says might not will. Meaning even if you do we will go on but we will have to pay more for workers. More double talk from business. My take is you should not have hired them in the first place. I love when pro immigration groups and business claim that enforcing the law will hurt business. If they are that concerned then just maybe they shouldn’t have hired undocumented workers in the first place.

The next claim has been voiced over and over by many sources. “You can’t deport 11 million illegal immigrants.” True and false at the same time. You don’t have to round them up and physically deport them. You make it too expensive for businesses to hire them through fines and if need be prison time. Then you make it illegal for them to receive any social services benefits. Guess what no jobs, no welfare they will leave real quick on there own. The key is enforcement of the laws across the board. I am a fair person. IF the government deals with the border and enforces the laws against benefits for illegal aliens in a few months we can talk about a reasonable and orderly program to fill labor shortages. But to talk about “guest workers” before that time is not realistic. The Senate needs to understand that the bill they are proposing may pass the senate but will die when it comes time to reconcile it with the house bill already passed.

Finally I need to clear the air in regards to John McCain. He is a politician who will sleep with any person or group to become POTUS in 2008. He is kissing up to Teddy “Drive And Drown” Kennedy, Jerry “GOD LOVES ONLY ME” Fallwell, Jesse “PAY ME OFF” Jackson and anyone else who will help his cause. Personally I will vote for Hillary “Butch Queen” Clinton before I vote for this snake in the grass.

Thanks for your attention, but time for me to head to Peoria and check out the Ho’s
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