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Wednesday, April 05, 2006

What The Hell?

This just in: President Bush just issued a press release with some very curious language...(Curious language bolded)
THE PRESIDENT: The United States Senate is debating a very vital issue for our country, and that is immigration reform. I urge the senators to continue to work toward getting a comprehensive bill; a bill that will help us secure our borders; a bill that will cause the people in the interior of this country to recognize and enforce the law; and a bill that will include a guest worker provision that will enable us to more secure the border, will recognize that there are people here working hard for jobs Americans won't do, and a guest worker provision that is not amnesty, one that provides for automatic citizenship.

This is a vital debate. I thank the members who are working hard to get a bill done. I strongly urge them to come to a conclusion as quickly as possible and pass a comprehensive bill.

Thank you all very much.
What the hell does this mean? If the President wants to know who's frustrating enforcement in the "interior of this country" he might consider looking in a mirror.

H/T LoneWacko Who operates an excellent blog focusing on illegal immigration related issues. Thanks for all your hard work LW!

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