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Monday, May 29, 2006

A Day Of Remembrance

Today we pause as a nation to remember those who have given all in service of our country and those who man the wall today. Many bloggers pay their respects...

Jet at The Gun Toting Liberal has a beautiful piece remembering her dad.

The divine Mrs. M has a great round-up.

The Conservative UAW Guy says he feels "bittersweet."

Romeocat visits the National Mall and remembers her dad.

GM Roper reminds of the Dash to the Elbe.

Mike's America
reminds us it's all about "Honor & Duty."

Always On Watch
takes a look at the history of Memorial Day.

I'll continue updating throughout the day. We wish all our readers a happy Memorial day and hope you'll take the time to reflect on those who have fallen in service to this great experiment.



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