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Sunday, May 28, 2006

In Response To Mr. Dowd

Source: wapo

Matt Dowd, GOP pollster and teller of tall tales had this to say recently on the Senate's horrific immigration bill...
RNC senior adviser/BC04 senior strategist/Ron Fournier co-author Matthew Dowd urges Republican Nat'l Committee members to favor a "comprehensive" solution to immigration, which the public believes is is "unifying -- not polarizing." ...

Dowd's memo says that an internal RNC poll conducted by Jan Van Louhuzen finds that "pverwhelming support exists for a temporary worker program. 80% of all voters, 83% of Republicans, and 79% of self-identified conservatives support a temporary worker program as long as immigrants pay taxes and obey the law."

More, from the RNC internal poll: "When voters are given the choice of other immigration proposals, strengthening enforcement with a tamper-proof identity card (89% among all voters, 93% among GOP), various wordings of a temporary worker program (the highest at 85% among all voters, 86% among GOP), and sending National Guard troops to the border (63% among all voters, 84% among GOP) score the highest among both all voters and Republican voters."

Also: "Voters don't consider granting legal status to those already here amnesty."
Compare and contrast with this, feel free to raff, I did...
Several Republicans said they are getting more bricks in the mail -- as part of a new grass-roots campaign promoting a fence between the United States and Mexico -- than letters or calls supporting Bush and the Senate bill. Most said 80 to 90 percent of feedback coming from constituents last week was in opposition to Bush and the Senate on the citizenship question. *snip*

Despite some national polls showing strong support for a comprehensive solution of the sort favored by Bush, nearly every GOP lawmaker interviewed for this article said the House plan to secure the borders and enforce existing immigration laws is unquestionably the safer political stand in his or her district. Many Democrats from vulnerable districts say the same thing, although the Democratic Caucus as a whole is more sympathetic to a Senate-style compromise.

Rep. Chris Chocola (R-Ind.) said he told White House officials, who keep citing polls showing wide support for the Bush approach, that "they must not be polling anyone in the 2nd District."
And then the nut graf...
Keller said Bush's proposal to send National Guard troops to the Mexican border did little to quiet criticism that the White House has failed to sufficiently crack down on illegal immigration. "There is not a lot of credibility right now with the administration on securing the border and enforcing the law," he said.
No, there really isn't, is there?

What kills me as I read this, our government allowed us to be overrun by illegal aliens, they then compounded the problem by carelessly tossing off amnesties like Shriners at a parade. And after all that, now some have the audacity to suggest that we should throw open the gates of immigration in this country to keep happy those self same criminals who snuck over our border and stole citizenship.

Ex-squeeze me?

And of course, my respect for our president and his minions is simply growing by leaps and bounds every single time they open their mouths and heap another lie on the stinking pile they've already built. Nicely done Mr. President et al., anybody else you'd like to hand the running of the country over to?

I'll wager Osama'd like a shot.

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