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Saturday, May 27, 2006

Note From The Border

Kender MacGowan, a good friend of this blog just called me with some hot news. He's travelling this holiday weekend and finds himself near the border, about forty miles from Campo. He had the opportunity to interview a border patrol agent earlier today, here's what the agent had to say.

They have been inundated with illegal immigrants pouring over the border this weekend. The aliens have been demanding amnesty from the Border Patrol agents, the aliens in very large numbers were crossing the border in possession of documents that suggest they'd been in this country for five years or more.

Kender also asked the agent about the Minuteman Project, he likened them to a neighborhood watch and had generally positive things to say about them.

The agent, who for obvious reasons preferred to remain anonymous, also went on to say that they were out there just trying to do their jobs, unfortunately the government wouldn't let them.

Kender further reported the agents mentioned that Mexican TV and radio have been touting the amnesty increasing the numbers of those crossing the border illegally.

Kender is currently trying to send me some photos from the scene on his cellphone, I will post them as soon as they arrive. He's also going to try to find some Minutemen to interview, I'll keep you updated.

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