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Saturday, May 27, 2006

Minutemen: Doing The Job Our Governement Refuses To Do

Source: Minuteman Blog
Border Fence groundbreaking set for Saturday, May 27th, 2006

Volunteers to BREAK GROUND in AZ!!!

Minuteman Civil Defense Corps (MCDC) will be conducting a weekend border operation in Palominas, AZ that includes a border watch, Minuteman Border Fence Ground Breaking and repair of existing fence on the US Mexico border.

MCDC is moving forward with plans to build the Minuteman Border Fence. President Bush’s response will not secure the border and the ground breaking will be done on 5/27/2006 Memorial Day weekend in conjunction with the AZ Chapter Memorial weekend border watch operation. We have been working hard to put plans in place for this historic undertaking. Please read the following we have tried to include everything possible for questions about who, what, where and when below.

Many have talked of building a secure fence between Mexico and the United States. Now Chris Simcox and MCDC is taking action again and doing the job the Federal Government will not do. We are overwhelmed with calls asking:

What can I do to help right NOW?

Donate to Build the Minuteman Border Fence


VOLUNTEER to Build the Minuteman Border Fence



Due to security concerns and respect for the private ranch property made available to MCDC, only registered Minuteman MCDC Volunteers will be able to participate in the weekend ground breaking operation as well as the AZ weekend border watch.

Updates on the fence here
Give'em hell guys! Just average Americans securing the border and protecting our nation, for shame Mr. President, for shame!

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