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Wednesday, May 17, 2006

How About Some Comprehensive Law Enforcement?

From the AP on YahooNews:

Supporters of immigration legislation predict the Senate will pass a bill giving millions of illegal immigrants a path to citizenship.

Critics of the legislation aren't giving up, however, and say they'll keep trying to reshape it.

Taking that approach, Sen. Jeff Sessions, R-Ala., planned to offer an amendment that would erect more fencing along the nearly 2,000-mile U.S.-Mexican border, an idea similar to one passed in December by the House.

But Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist, R-Tenn., said Wednesday that lawmakers increasingly realize the need for a comprehensive plan that goes beyond trying to stop people at the border.
OK, for starters I have heard exactly ZERO people suggest that a wall on the border alone would solve this crisis. Everyone gets that this problem is multi-faceted and will require a variety of actions. Senator Frist, you insult the American people by suggesting otherwise.

But let's hone in on the word that continually pops up in this debate, shall we?

Marked by or showing extensive understanding

By definition, we have to have extensive understanding of exactly what we are dealing with in order to formulate a comprehensive plan to fix illegal immigration and all its accompanying travesties. How in the world can the situation be fully and accurately assessed if we don't first do something drastic to stop (or at least severely diminish) the flow of people entering the country illegally?

If you came home to find your house flooded, with water still pouring in, would you stand in chest-deep water contemplating a "comprehensive plan" to clean up the mess? Of course you wouldn't! You'd find the leak and plug it up as quickly as possible by any means you could find. Then you'd find a way to remove the floodwater and, finally, clean up the devastation left behind.

"If you just try to build a wall 30 feet high and 2,000 miles long, it will be insufficient. People will go up over it, around it, in order to get a job in this country," Frist said on CBS' "The Early Show."
Of course it would be insufficient, you nincompoop. That's why, in addition to building the wall ASAP, you put armed forces on the border -- and lots of 'em. That why, in addition to building the wall ASAP and arming the border, you get serious about enforcing the laws prohibiting employers from hiring illegal aliens. And, lookie lookie! Those laws are already on the books! How convenient. We don't even need to wait around for you and your fellow BS-spouting senators to cook up new ones.

How about trying a little comprehensive law enforcement on for size?

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