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Monday, May 29, 2006

No Memorial on Google

Via WND:

Google's habit of celebrating holidays like New Year's, Halloween, Christmas and Thanksgiving by altering its logo to match the season's theme has been extended in the past to honor the birthdays of famous inventors, scientists, artists and musicians, as well as Earth Day and the Persian New Year, but on the day Americans honor those who died serving their country, it's business as usual at the Internet-search giant.

Memorial Day visitors to the website found Google's standard logo – but no mention of Memorial Day. This was true as well at the company's news-search site.
You can check out some of Google's logo archives here and here.

Is it just me, or is it insulting to find special logos for Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's Birthday, the Birthday of Percival Lowell, and World Water Day, but nothing special for the day Americans have set aside to remember the fallen heroes who won and kept our freedom?

If you go back through the Google archives, you'll find that, although it has over the years commemorated Shichi-go-san being celebrated in Japan, Bastille Day in France, and Korean Liberation Day, it appears that Google has never dressed up its logo for Memorial Day," wrote Newsbusters blogger Noel Sheppard.
Insulting? Yes. Surprising? Yeah, right.

Aw, hell -- this would have been more appropriate, anyway...

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