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Friday, May 19, 2006

The Upside?

Source: denverpost
Washington - President Bush's campaign to solve the problem of illegal immigration is meeting resistance on a new front, as critics fault the Senate reform bill for provisions that a conservative think tank says could allow 103 million immigrants to enter the United States legally in the next 20 years. *snip*

If immigration did take place at such a rate, said Snow, Congress could simply adjust the numeric limits in the law.
Uh-huh, to my knowledge our government has reduced immigration exactly once, and that was after a nasty forty year fight. And that fight was much nastier than the current one.
And White House aide Joel Kaplan noted that, even if Rector's analysis is accurate, there would be an upside to such a wave of immigration.

“These are people who will be paying taxes and contributing as workers in our society, and we'll also be mitigating some of the drains on Social Security and Medicare because they will be paying in as workers,” Kaplan said.
This is like trying to find the upside of being hit by a truck. Yes there might be upsides, but wouldn't you rather just avoid it in the first place?

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