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Tuesday, May 30, 2006

When Smart People...

Comment!  We seem to have an abundance of really smart people that drop by here and contribute to the conversation on this blog.  A fact I truly appreciate.

This was found in comments...
As a Minuteman--here are a few of important points that I believe in:

Build a fence on the southern borders. Do it as quickly as possible.

Punish businesses that hire illegal aliens.

Put all illegals behind those entering our country through proper immigration procedures.

Do not give benefits of any kind to illegal aliens.

Speak English only as our official language, and really mean it.



We expect that our government officials should abide by the laws of our country to stop the invasion of the U.S. by foreign nationals!
We hold our representatives to the highest of standards. We must continue to tell them so and expect them to desire only the best for the U.S.A.

Minutemen are courteous to everyone with whom they come into contact, and never discriminate against anyone for any reason.

Minutemen do not respond to any taunts or harassment from outside agitators.

Minutemen follow all federal, state and local laws, understanding that we are being held to a higher standard by all.

I'd like to let the illegals and their so-called supporters know that they are being exploited by:

1. Your country of origin

2. Business

3. Politicians

4. Clergy

5. Leftist organizations and their leaders

6. Media

Think about it and understand it!
Rocks and Minerals | 05.30.06 - 9:13 am | #
Seems simple enough to me, what's the problem Washington?

Thanks Rocks and Minerals!

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