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Tuesday, May 30, 2006

A Natural Tension

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Firedog Lake brings us a memorial day post with this title today...
Memorial Day Truth: There Is No “War on Terror”
He continues thusly...
There is, however, a "war" on the U. S. Constitution.
After September 11, 2001, we’ve learned that we can take a punch and move on. We’ve faced far worse threats to our national survival in our history - the Civil War, the War of 1812, World War II to name a few - but we never abandoned our Constitution. Until now.
I don't particularly wish to debate this issue on it's face, I feel differently than the author, but I understand his point. What I'd like to say is that every single time this country has faced an enemy this debate has arisen and our civil liberties were strengthened every single time.

The truth is I think it's good when these questions arise forcing us to think about essential liberty and necessary safety.

In almost every conflict we've ever had from the Habeus Corpus issues during the Civil War to the Japanese internment during WWII serious constitutional questions have been raised and resolved, leaving us stronger than before.

We're at one of those times now. I can understand the arguments on both sides, yes, I think Jihadis are essentially animals and I'm disgusted by the idea of them having access to our courts. On the other hand, as an American I am uncomfortable with the idea of the government being able to grab people off the street and toss them in jail without due process.

This debate is a positive thing and if history is any guide we will exit this time a stronger nation for having held it.

One other teensy thing. This may very well simply be a Con vs. Lib thang, but I can't help reading the sentence I'm about to cut and paste without shaking my head and wondering what color the sky is in this person's world...(stuff that makes me scratch my head bolded for your reading pleasure)
If the U. S. were serious about thwarting terrorism or about minimizing our exposure to acts of violence designed to make us afraid, we would have rigorous port security and massive international goodwill and cooperation in the lawful identification of anarchic, violent networks.
Well sure, it sounds nice, but how does one do that?  As the last remaining superpower we're simply not going to be beloved.  I would say I think the president has actually done very well in this regard.  He got a lot more countries involved than I ever thought he would. 

And considering how many countries were simply being paid off to work against us?  If you can't acknowledge that, well, what can you say really.

I don't have high hopes for the war torn Muslim nations that are working with us at the moment, I think the momentum of history is simply against us to a great extent. It may all turn out poorly in the end, but I will give the president points for trying.

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