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Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Charter School Mexitude

Or would that be MEChAtude?

Via San Jose Mercury News (H/T V-DARE):

Responding to allegations of discrimination, the school district has concluded that an elementary school catering to students of Mexican descent is following its charter, officials said Monday.

The district sent observers after Sandy Wells, a reporter working for KABC-AM, was allegedly assaulted outside the school Thursday by a man who demanded his audio tape. Station officials said Wells was also followed as he drove away. Police are investigating the incident.

"They have followed the charter that they wrote originally," said Kevin Reed, chief legal counsel for the district. "What we care about is that the curriculum is inclusive and not exclusive."
See previous posts on the school and the attack on Wells.

So let me get this straight. As long as they follow their charter, it's all good. Let's take a peek at what that charter includes, shall we?

The school aimed to provide children of immigrant and native families an education "founded upon their own language, cultural values and global realities," according to the charter application.
Their own language? Los Angeles is still in the United States, the last time I checked. Barely.

Their own cultural values? American schools do a great job of exposing kids to and teaching about world cultures. The rest should come at home.

Global realities? What the hell are global realities? Sounds like made-up-words for indoctrination to me.

Say it with me, folks: MEX - I - TUDE.

V-DARE blogger extraordinare Bryanna Bevens also points out this article singing the praises of Academia Semillas in the LA Daily News. WARNING: you might want to grab a barf bag before clicking the link.

Bryanna sums it up nicely:

Aside from the fact that instill Mexican pride in school children falls just below domesticate a clan of hyenas on my personal List of Things To Do Before I'm 35, this heritage preservation garbage is not and should not be a tax obligation for anyone.
The bottom line? This is America. If your goal as a school is to teach all things Mexican YOU'RE IN THE WRONG COUNTRY. There's a border located conveniently to your south, and you and your MeChA-funded, La Raza-lovin', reporter-assaultin', Aztlan-t-shirt-wearin', America-hatin' school need to hurry across it.

Yes. I'm sure. You CAN cross the border going south.

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