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Monday, June 05, 2006

Just 'Good Hearted' Folks?

Source: Commercialappeal
Illegal aliens held in derail threat

An act of vandalism spotted by a rail inspector in Collierville this month would have derailed one of the 28 trains that rumble through town daily, a Norfolk Southern spokesman said Thursday.

Within a few days of the May 15 incident, authorities identified two illegal aliens from Mexico as the vandals, said Robin Chapman, the railroad spokesman.

"I do not believe this was an attempt to commit a terrorist act," FBI spokesman George Bolds said Thursday. "I don't be believe these people attempted to derail a train. I think they were just being stupid."

The incident happened at a rail switch behind the AutoZone store at 995 W. Poplar.

Chapman said the two men were "on lunch break, hanging around our tracks. They pried a metal object into a track switch, opened it 3 or 4 inches."

A train traveling in either direction would have derailed, he said.

"It was caught by one of our employees before any train came through," Chapman said.

"We do patrol the tracks. We have security police who patrol on a regular basis, and inspectors, which is how it was caught," Chapman said.

The freight hauled by the trains includes a "long list" of hazardous cargo, he said. "Industrial chemicals of various types. Varying degrees of hazardousness."
How nice, which part of stealing the American dream does this fall under?  Oh, and remember this the next time the president begins blathering about how illegals are 'good hearted folks.'

H/T illegal immigration

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