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Sunday, June 04, 2006

Finally A Little Honesty

Source: Economist's View

I posted about this yesterday here. I found a comment on another blog that I thought was rather telling as to the motivations of some toward unrestrained legal and illegal immigration...
I have mixed feelings.

I like immigration because it dilutes the white working class Republican vote, which I think is Republican largely for social not economic reasons. That doesn't mean they'll go Dem ever, even if they screw their kids - they don't care. It is easier to simply import people with fewer anti-social attitudes, e.g. Mexicans. Sooner or later they'll get legal, have more kids, and change the demographic. That is what happened in California.

On the other hand, I don't like immigration because it screws the poor. It's signif that in most occupations that would hire illegals, wages have been declining. E.g. construction. That tells me that the argument that we "need these workers" is bogus. If we did, those salaries would be increasing. The fact that they are decining shows that illegal immigration has already had an impact.
Anti-social or anti-socialist? You decide.

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