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Saturday, June 03, 2006

A Broad And Stupid Swipe

Source: exile

This is from a piece by Gary Brecher in the Exile, a Moscow based alternative newspaper(Broad and stupid swipe bolded for your reading pleasure).
You've all heard the fuss about a Marine patrol shooting up a few houses full of civvies in a Sunni Triangle Hellhole called Haditha. On Nov. 19, 2005, a USMC patrol ran into an IED and had a man killed. By the way, all you Mex-haters might want to know his name: Lance cpl. Miguel Terrazas. His buddies were pissed off, naturally, so they started kicking down doors and shooting every civvie they could find.
Um, you know what Gar? Here's the thing, when a man or woman dons the uniform they are magically transformed into one thing, at least in my book, an American. If you think the fact that ole' Miguel was Hispanic (whatever the hell that means) now presupposes that I must welcome an invasion from our southern border, well, your an idiot bro.

Oh and another thing, I don't hate Mexicans. However, I do wish if someone thought of themselves as a Mexican they would clear the hell out of America and go back to the country of their heart. I don't mind that Mexicans love Mexico, I love America quite a bit, so I understand completely. What i don't understand is the insistence on coming here to earn a decent living, steal an education for your spawn, leech public benefits they're not entitled to and opening a businesses and then extolling the virtues of the pestilent, corrupt shithole that festers just south of us like a boil on the ass of America.

If Mexico is so damn great you'all are welcome to it, why don't you lead the way Gary?

H/T Lawrence Auster who has a more reasoned approach, he doesn't refer to Mexico as a boil on America's ass even once, I admire his restraint!

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