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Friday, June 02, 2006

President Bush Changes Tune

Well isn't this interesting?

Source: wapo
'Unscrupulous' Firms Are Faulted
Bush Seeks Bigger Fines for Illegal Hiring

President Bush told the nation's most prominent business group yesterday that "unscrupulous" employers have contributed to the illegal immigration crisis in the United States by knowingly hiring undocumented workers, and called for steep new penalties on those exploiting the shadow economy. *snip*

"Businesses that knowingly employ illegal workers undermine this law and undermine the spirit of America," the president said during a speech against a backdrop of U.S. flags, images of the Statue of Liberty and the slogan "Comprehensive Immigration Reform." "And we're not going to tolerate it in this country." Although most businesses abide by the law, he said, "there are some unscrupulous folks who want to take advantage of low-cost labor."
See, here's the problem the president has created for himself, why are we only hearing this now, could it be that he knows he's not going to get the legislation he wanted. So true to form he's changing his story, again.

This is really starting to border on the absurd. I've said all along, no matter what the president wanted he should have just come out and said it, like he did with Harriet Myers or Social Security, but no, instead of simply saying "I want amnesty." or "I love Mexicans." he's been spluttering like a schoolboy, repeating the same old BS speech, tweaking it slightly every single time he's reminded that most Americans loath the idea of amnesty and that Congresscritters have to get reelected this year.

I genuinely think you have to be brain damaged if you think there's any veracity in what the president's saying anymore.  Supporting the president is fine, but after the twentieth time he jabs you in the eye with a sharp stick...

Here's the deep joke hidden in this message: amnesty will continue to provide cheap labor for years to come.  Those illegals here currently will take a couple of generations to catch up economically.  A guest worker program will also continue to provide unscrupulous businesses with cheap labor, the lies are so deep, so pervasive, it's astonishingly difficult to get to the bottom of this dung heap.

Every single thing the president desires here is bad for the country, every single thing, the worst part for me, the endless lies and obfuscations.  I know most people don't know the history, but we need to understand it to understand why what he's demanding is so very bad for us as a country.

Amnesty -- breeds more illegal immigration and ultimately more amnesty.  It serves no purpose other than to create a class of people who have stolen the American dream.  It also continues to drive wages down and sphon off services from those who have paid in to those who haven't.

Guest worker program -- tried it before, every time it led to virtual slavery and abuses, not to mention being a conduit for increased illegal immigration.  Seriously distorts wages and stifles competition and innovation, and of course when business gets to decide when they can't find any Americans to do the job, one has a feeling the 'jobs Americans won't do' category will swell obscenely.

Joke enforcement -- common sense will tell you when government encourages behavior it can expect more of that behavior.  Our enforcement policy currently is driven by these self same "unscrupulous businesses" that are at the root of the problem here.  And when the alleged and yet unseen crack down comes are we to seriously believe they won't go whining and puling to thier congresscritter demanding that their's is a special case?  Magic eight ball says...yes!

If president Bush actually thought enforcement was a good idea he could start now, and do more than show arrests.  But he hasn't has he?  And he won't, because he has precisely zero intent to pursue actual enforcement.

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