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Thursday, June 01, 2006

Dunkin Donuts Does The Right Thing

We on this blog have been reporting the existence of a government program called "Basic Pilot."

Basic Pilot exists as a way for employers to verify potential employees immigration status so companies can know their hiring employees.  So the next time you hear some business owner or lobby whine piteously about how they couldn't possibly know who's legal, well, know you know their full of things that make plants grow good, no?

Michelle Malkin's Vent
today details how Dunkin Donuts has begun using this program to verify all of it's employees legality to work here.

Let them know you appreciate their willingness to follow the law here.

Here's hoping others will follow their example, or failing that, that citizens will finally become outraged enough to whip a few with ax handles.  A boy can dream.

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