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Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Americans on Illegal Immigration

I've read too many to share them all, but here are a few particularly good thoughts from Americans around the country...

From the St. Petersburg Times (Florida):

It seems 62 U.S. senators forgot the people they are entrusted to represent. It's a sad day in our country when those we elect to our highest offices choose to betray that very trust.


Your editorial says that the Senate's immigration reform bill is a reasonably comprehensive one. It's not even close to being reasonable. It's a sham and a sellout of America's sovereignty.


The immigration bill passed by the Senate is a joke. There is no way of enforcing the provisions of the bill as it stands now. It will simply mean amnesty for all who are here now and a new flood of illegal immigrants for the next round.

From The Hendersonville Star-News (Tennessee):

The recent immigration legislation passed by the Senate is a perfect example of how some politicians totally ignore the will of the people.

All those who support this horrendous piece of legislation are in my opinion traitors to America, their oath to uphold the laws of this country and law abiding citizens everywhere.

From the Los Angeles Times (California):

Now that the Senate has passed the immigration bill, all I can say is that senators have sold out all of us for a few more votes. Let's hope the House of Representatives doesn't fold also. To our senators who helped pass this legislation: You won't be getting my vote.


Anyone who believes we have a government of, by and for the people is dreaming. We have a government of, by and for corporate America. The Senate has passed a bill guaranteeing big business an unlimited supply of lower paid workers for years to come. Senators and representatives, wait until November; some big changes are in the wind.

From the Yuma Sun (Arizona):

I am very tired of people lumping legal and illegal immigrants into the same basket. A legal immigrant adheres to all of our laws and is welcomed to the U.S.A. An illegal immigrant is like a thief in the night.

From the Baltimore Sun (Maryland):

The U.S. Senate sits around for days debating illegal immigration. And the best it can come up with is a scheme to build a 370-mile fence on a 2,000-mile border and to declare English the national language (which is rather like declaring Coke the official drink of the Olympics) while it works on legislation that may allow millions of criminals to become U.S. citizens.

I think the Senate has completely lost touch with the citizens it serves.
If only the people we've elected to represent us would listen.

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