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Saturday, June 03, 2006


Source: team4news
Man Accused of Raping 10-Year old Girl Who is Now Pregnant

Pharr Police continue searching for a man who they say committed one of the worst crime's imaginable.

"He had sexual relations with one of his relatives who's ten years old, and as a result of that, she's three months pregnant," said Lt. Lupe Salinas, a spokesman for Pharr Police.

His name is Pedro Guzman Munoz. Police say the 21 year old may have had sex with the 10 year old for a while.

"Possibly since she was 9 years old," Salinas said.

More shocking is that the parents may have known and did nothing about it. In fact investigators only found out when a doctor at a San Juan clinic reported the crime.

Now the parents could also be in trouble.

"CPS (Child Protective Services) is looking into the fact that if there was any type of negligence or if they knew that this was going on they can take some sort of action." *snip*

Now as for Munoz, police believe he may have fled into Mexico since he is an undocumented immigrant. If you know where he might be, call Pharr Crime Stoppers at 787-TIPS.
Where I'm sure El Presidente Fox will hail him as a 'hero'.

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