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Sunday, June 04, 2006

The Great Unknown

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Okay, before the president gives all illegal aliens an unearned tax credit, social security benefits, makes it legal for them to use the welfare benefits they are already stealing, wouldn't it be prudent to know how many are here?
Immigration reform would not be so difficult if it wasn't for the huge number of immigrants who shouldn't be here, President Bush's adviser on immigration reform said.

"I've heard 6 million. I've heard 10 million. I've heard 20 million," Carlos Iturregui told a City Club audience Friday. "The reality is, nobody knows."
"The reality is no one knows." And how scary is that? What if it's thirty million, fifty, we literally have no idea how many people have been allowed to stroll over our border and steal the American dream. No idea whatsoever, why is it I pay my taxes when my mutinous government insists on handing that money out to people who AREN'T EVEN CITIZENS!?!*

Remember, each illegal here who hasn't already brought their family with them is likely to draw at least four more people in their wake. So how many "New Americans" will we be ending up with here?

But wait, there's more...That's just the illegals, let's not forget the uninvited "guests" our government will be entertaining on our dime. All of whom will be whelping litters here in rapid response fashion because properly interpreting the fourteenth amendment would be unAmerican don'tcha know.

I mean, it's clear from my reading of the constitution that the framers fully intended to create a spurious right that would confer citizenship on those foreign women who can manage to waddle over our border before dropping one out the hatch. It's all clear now!

But wait, as a special one time never ending offer our government will, in their largesse, be allowing the uninvited guest workers a pathway to citizenship, so they'll be inviting a couple of million more people to come and become "New Americans."

And of course illegal immigration will keep chugging along because nobody charged with running this asylum has any interest whatsoever in stopping it.

We should be approaching India levels of population by, oh, about six months from now.

*I'm also not frankly crazy about our "humanitarian" aid pay-outs.  For the most part they've filled the coffers of dictators and tyrants, sure it sounds nice when we do it, but at the poopy end of the stick we would have probably gotten more utility from that cash had we used it as kindling. (remind me to tell you about the Navy chaplain I knew who was in charge of disbursing the pallets of aid all aircraft carriers carry.  His stories would curl your toenails, I crap you negative.)

H/T Vdare (nuttin' but love guys!)

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