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Thursday, June 22, 2006

The Enemy?

Source: deseretnews
Immigrant funds flow to Cannon campaign

Pro-migrant groups have donated $58,200 in the past 12 days
Two headlines, two lies!  Immigrant?  Pro-migrant?  Jeez I thought writer's valued concision, let me help...

Illegal immigrant funds flow to illegal fellating Cannon campaign


Pro-slavery groups donate to pro-slavery candidate.
Just days before his Republican primary election, U.S. Rep. Chris Cannon is seeing more than $134,000 flowing into his war chest, much of it from organizations known to favor cheap immigrant labor.
Wait just a second here.  What in the goodness gravy does "cheap immigrant labor" have to do with anything?  I thought this was about jobs American wouldn't do?  The President himself told us that these were jobs Americans won't do, so what up with the "cheap labor" tag?
The pro-immigration groups have given Cannon, R-Utah, at least $58,200 in the past 12 days alone, a review of federal campaign reports shows.
They seem a bit panicky, don'tcha think?  Oh, and "pro-immigration" my saucy ass! (and it really is quite saucy)
That includes at least $30,000 from agricultural interests — such as the California Farm Bureau and the Dairy Farmers of America. Additional money is coming from businesses known for hiring inexpensive labor —including Wal-Mart and the National Roofing Contractors Association.
There it is again.  "Inexpensive labor."  What's going on around here, these are supposed to be jobs Americans won't do, the President himself has assured me Americans won't do these jobs, Karl Rove, Dick Cheney, Ken Mehlman, they all said it.  You don't think...
Apparently some Washington, D.C., politicos see the same storm clouds as Cannon, who has never been one of the bigger fund-raisers. Tens of thousands of dollars have been pouring late into his campaign, fueling TV and radio ads before Tuesday's primary.
Gotta keep those slaves on the plantation don'tcha know.  Wouldn't want those jobs to magically turn into jobs Americans WOULD do, can't have that.
A Deseret Morning News review of the 48-hour notice contributions — filings coming into a campaign since the June 15 pre-primary report — shows Cannon has raised $134,750 in the past 12 days. That's 20 percent of all of his money raised since his 2004 re-election.
Nope, no panic here, everything's just peachy.  Does 20% of donations coming in over twelve days, from a two year period strike anyone as, oh I don't know, desperate?
"Yes, these PACs have figured out where Chris stands" on illegal immigration, Jacob said Tuesday. Jacob and anti-illegal immigration groups say Cannon supports guest-worker programs and amnesty — a charge that Cannon denies.
Well of course he does, I believe the McKennedy approved term is "Banana*."  I'm certain that's what he's referencing.

"These contributions make it very clear that Cannon supports cheap, often illegal, immigrant labor," Jacob said. "But he's trying to tell the voter that he's tough on illegal immigration. The PACs are saying, 'We know where you are, and here's your money.' "
Ya think?
Some of the PACs have given to Cannon previously, Rathbun said, adding that the campaign held a Washington, D.C., fund-raiser attended by some groups "that support reasonable immigration reform."
"Reasonable Immigration Reform" = Mass Amnesty or overwheming, wage deflating guest worker program.
The National Roofing Contractors Association gave $5,000 to Cannon on June 15 at that fund-raiser, organized by the Essential Worker Immigration Coalition, said Craig Brightup, NRCA vice president of government relations.
"We support a rational, reasonable, comprehensive approach to immigration reform," Brightup said. The NRCA supports a reasonable guest-worker program that lets illegal immigrants "have a pathway to come above ground" in the country, Brightup said, adding that Cannon has "been attacked with demagoguery" on the illegal immigration issue.
"Rational, reasonable, comprehensive approach to immigration reform" = Fellating illegals*

"reasonable guest-worker program" = Mass Bananas*

*Due to the mysterious minty freshness of illegal immigrants genitalia.

*Bananas are understood to mean "not amnesty" via McKennedy, no really!
Rathbun said some recent donors are giving because they oppose "the tactics of Team America," an anti-illegal immigration PAC that is running radio ads against Cannon in Utah. "But some of these PACs I've never heard of," he said.
I'll wager they do oppose the tactics of Team America, specifically because Team America is calling them a pack of crooks which happens to have the most excellent quality of being true.

I'll be blogging more on this in the near future but here's something to chew on FF readers.  The reason the 86 "banana*" failed was due entirely, entirely and for no other reason than greedy, nasty, scumbag business owners stopping enforcement every time it reared it's beautiful head.

So no matter what law is passed how do we protect it from greedy, nasty, scumbag business owners who will buy access and influence and stop enforcement in its tracks?

Your thoughts?

*Banana = Reagan's biggest mistake!

H/T Lonewacko

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