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Wednesday, June 21, 2006

A Golden Opportunity

Source: The Washington Times

House leaders cast doubt yesterday on the possibility of passing immigration reform legislation this year and said, in an unusual move, that they will hold hearings across the country to gauge voter concern on the topic.

"I'm not putting any timeline on this thing, but I think we need to get this thing done right," House Speaker J. Dennis Hastert of Illinois told reporters yesterday.
As anyone who reads this blog on a regular basis knows, I am indescribably eager to see some action from our government on enforcing our borders, dealing with the illegal immigration crisis, and addressing immigration policy and law in general. I've heard some people moan about the delay that will come from the hearings that the House has announced will be held on the subject. Some fear that the passage of any legislation may be delayed until after the elections in November.

I see it as a golden opportunity.

Legislation does not equal action -- it equals legislation. We have legislation. It is already against the law to come, stay, and/or work here without going through the proper channels. As the nation remains "on hold" during these hearings, and whatever else may transpire before any new legislation is hammered out and passed, our politicians have a golden opportunity to ingratiate themselves with those they are supposed to be serving.

Want my vote, and the votes of millions of Americans? Then let's see some action, Washington! Show us that you mean it when you say you want to secure the border and protect the citizens of this country. Show us that you are serious about enforcing whatever NEW legislation comes into being by enforcing the OLD legislation.


Yeah. I'm not holding my breath, either.

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