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Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Perhaps I Spoke To Soon

Source: worldnetdaily

Michael Massie takes no prisoners in this piece for WND...(I'm putting the whole damn thing up because it's that good!)
Illegals or insurgents – both are a menace

Questioned about staying the course in Iraq during his press conference, upon returning from same, President Bush said, "Leadership requires determination, desire and will." He added, "[The] most important [thing] is to protect the American people from harm."

I applaud the president's commitment and determination to stay the course in Iraq. I believe now – as I have believed from the first – going into Iraq was the right thing to do.

However, I think the president should re-evaluate the referenced quotes in relationship to his intractable position on illegal immigrants. His leadership, indeed, does require "determination, desire and will." But leadership isn't cleverly shifting the focus from millions of illegal aliens destroying our middle class and infrastructure, by sucking the life out of taxpayer-funded entitlements and subsidized programs, to securing our borders. Closing the borders without removing those within is like putting a fence around the garden with the rabbit trapped safely inside of it.

As president, his first responsibility is protecting Americans – and let there be no doubt, there is no greater harm or injustice being perpetrated upon America today than by illegal aliens. Illegals contribute nothing, but together with verifiably deserving legal citizens they use more than 90 percent of the taxpayer-subsidized programs. Illegals are taking an ever-increasing piece of a decreasing pie. What happens when we are unable to maintain said programs? Terror by any other name is still terror, and in my mind this is a form of domestic sabotage, i.e., terror.

We are under serious threat of harm from illegals – but instead of leading, the president clandestinely implements a trilateral agreement with Mexico and Canada dubbed the "NAFTA Super Highway" – a highway system that is four football fields wide and will run from the Mexican border at Laredo, Texas, to the Canadian border north of Duluth, Minn.

Earlier this month, U.S. immigration officials arrested 55 illegals working in secure areas at Dulles International Airport – one of the busiest airports in the country, located just outside Washington, D.C. – this on the heels of immigration officers arresting 2,000-plus illegals in a nationwide sweep. Included in these arrests were illegal immigrant gang members, pedophiles and violent felons.

These arrests will be spun as transpicuous proof that said officials are on the ball, keeping us safe. I suggest that before we start feeling too warm and fuzzy, we keep in mind the following:

* Many of those arrested had been arrested and deported before.

* In April 2002, FBI agents, INS and Customs agents arrested 35 illegals working at Reagan International Airport and Dulles International Airport – some of whom were working in secure areas.

* In March of 2005, ICE arrested 27 illegals employed at Piedmont International Airport in North Carolina, who not only worked in secure areas, but worked on planes. All were using counterfeit documents, i.e., North Carolina driver's licenses.

* In the same year, 5,800 illegal alien airport workers were identified, with more than 1,000 being arrested.

Sources tell me we have at least 18-20 million illegals here. Securing the borders without a full frontal assault on the illegals – including those who employ, house, and aid them – is mindless. These people are criminals – they aren't slaves fleeing from Alabama or political refugees fleeing Bosnia. Helping them doesn't make one the modern day equivalent of Harriet Tubman. It makes one guilty of aiding and abetting criminals.

During the press conference, the president, in reference to early troop withdrawal, said, "… don't bet on American politics forcing my hand, because it's not going to happen. I'm going to make decisions not based upon politics, but based upon what's best for the United States of America."

That's a telling statement, because one quality of a leader is to heed the voice of his people ("subjects" in today's parlance). The majority of Americans oppose amnesty or anything short of deportment for illegals in conjunction with securing the borders.

We have seen the president stiffen his neck before – Harriet Miers comes immediately to mind. But I say this is neither the time nor situation for our bull-headed Texan president to get his back up. It is the time to realize that compassionate conservatism isn't about rewarding lawbreakers – and it certainly isn't spitting in the eye of the 60-plus million who put him in office.

I find it interesting that 18-20 million illegal insurgents in America are deemed worthy of special dispensation. Yet a couple thousand or less insurgents in Iraq have people wringing their hands. It is clear none of the insurgents here respect or value our sovereignty or way of life – or else they would be here legally.

A fitting question for the president would be – how many of the illegals here hate our collective guts? How many are lying in wait to do us harm? And most importantly – if one teenager and one adult in a beat-up old car held three states hostage for a month by shooting people from the trunk of said car – what does he think 100 illegals who happen to be terrorists could do? And which ones are they?

H/T Booker Rising (I don't go there often enough but they have some great stuff)

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