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Sunday, June 18, 2006

Bloody day in Oaxaca, Mexico

Source: Mark In Mexico

Oh, the many things our goodhearted media shield us from, thank goodness for their dedication to Stalin's first principles...
All of the public school teachers from throughout the state, some 70,000 of them, walked off the job leaving some 1 million kids with no school and only 6 weeks left in the school year. As the days went by, more and more teachers arrived, especially on the weekends, to augment the original 5000 or so. They pitched tents in the zócalo, set up a half dozen porta-potties, cooking installations and just generally settled into about 50 square blocks in and around the center of the city. This effectively shut down the tourist trade in Oaxaca. And believe me, tourism is all this place has got.

Initially, all of the downtown businesses closed up. But, after a few days, the restaurants, pharmacies, markets and other stores reopened and began to attract business from the thousands of people camped out on their doorsteps. That would prove to be a big mistake.
Read the rest (with pix) here.

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