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Sunday, June 18, 2006

Lou Dobbs: The Shizzle!

Source: immigrationwatchdog
PENCE: I’m someone who believes that creating a new guest-worker program outside the country, not with amnesty, Lou, would be a way of meeting the needs of our marketplace without undermining the law and achieving — here’s the big deal. And finding a way with the situation we have in the Senate today, to get this border secured and get new enforceable sanctions on the books.

DOBBS: You know when you say marketplace, Congressman, I get really nervous, because I don’t hear enough frankly of you-all in Washington, Republican or Democrat, the Senate or the House, talk about this nation. This is not a marketplace. This is not an economy. We’re not consumers, we’re not just workers, we’re citizens.

Congress has moved so far away from the idea that this is a nation, a country, and looking upon all of us as either consumers or workers rather than citizens. I get very nervous about that. Let me say one thing to you, Congressman, if I may, and I’ve just been given this quote from Congressman Tom Tancredo, one of the leading anti- illegal immigration advocates, as you know.

He says of your plan, “It gives the administration exactly what it wants: unlimited foreign workers first, enforcement later or never. Pence’s plan is the ‘86 amnesty with a trip home tacked on.”
Just like that!

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