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Sunday, June 18, 2006

Sunburn Blogging And Other Things

Just got in a couple of minutes ago, so sorry for the non-existant blogging today.  We did indeed attend the Freedom Ride and it was amazing, I feel proud to be an American.  Boy I love spending time with real honest to goodness patriots, when you live in a big city you forget how much most Americans love this precious country.

Anywho, the ceremony (we'll blog on that tomorrow) ended around three-ish and we decided top hit the road.  Traffic was brutal and slow.  Since Father's day is this weekend I wanted to stop in and say hi to the old man and wish him a Happy Dad's day.  We picked up a card and some beer, ended up having great talks and went out to dinner at an absolutely fantastic BBQ joint out in the burbs.  Nice to see the Dad!  I don't do it enough.

So I'm tired, sunburnt and packed to the gills with crazy delicious BBQ and a couple of beers.

Blogging will resume tomorrow and if your good I may upload some sunburn photos, because JAM! am I sunburnt. 

I hope our readers had a great Saturday and make sure to let your Dad know you love him!

Until manana,



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