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Sunday, June 18, 2006

The Enemy: Armando Navarro

Source: sbsun
SAN BERNARDINO - With a brewing fight over illegal immigration, the summer of 2006 here is in the historic league of the civil-rights battles 50 years ago in Montgomery, Ala.

So say immigrant-rights proponents who gathered Saturday morning for a meeting of the National Alliance of Human Rights.

"San Bernardino has become a tinderbox," said Armando Navarro, a UC Riverside professor who is coordinator for the advocacy group. "This is our Montgomery in many ways."
I wonder what a black American would say about this, if only we could find one.

Now, pay close attention to this next bit...(interesting stuff bolded)
Navarro said the means and the goal are international: to make sure the voice of the Latino community is felt in political processes north and south of the border. The immigration issue links spots as diverse as Washington, San Bernardino and Mexico City, he said.

Specifically, Navarro called on attendees to urge their friends and family south of the border to support populist candidate Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador as Mexico's next president and to unseat Republicans in Congress in November.
Let me tell you what I don't hear in this jackasses statements here, anything to do with America, being an American citizen, taking the responsibilities of American citizenship seriously.

Nope, what I hear is an endless litany of complaint, race baiting and the words of an avowed enemy of this country who clearly wishes to see us brought to our knees by the unrelenting flow of his criminal brethren.

This is the enemy, one of many to be sure, but without a doubt an enemy of this country and all that we stand for.

Are the goals of American immigration policy an international issue?  Do you feel comfortable with foreign powers telling us who and how many immigrants we will welcome into this country?  Or, is our immigration policy our business wholly, and every other country in the world including crybaby Mexico can kiss our collective ass in terms of how many illegal aliens we will be forced to take.

Every single immigrant that has arrived on our shores has received a precious gift, if this is how they repay that gift, kick'em out, kick'em all out and be done with it.

I am so sick of having to hear these whiners bitch and moan about this country, here's a thought guys, the door swings both ways, don't like it, get out!!

H/T American Patrol

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