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Sunday, June 18, 2006

The Why?

Source: Vdare

Joe Guzzardi brings us this report from the hallowed halls of Congress...
Based on off the record conversations between Congressional staffers and prominent immigration reform organizations, Congress is reluctant to enforce border security, sanction U.S. employers or take any other action to control illegal immigration because it is convinced that if it did, Mexico would face an increasingly restless society and see a huge drop off in its $15 billion in remittances.

Before long, Congress fears, Mexico would implode. Illegal immigration, so the Beltway thinking goes, would become worse than what we have today.
This gibes very closely with my thoughts on the subject. It's not the whole answer, ethnic greivance groups, deep pocket contributors with an ingrained love of illegals, etc. ad nauseum are a part of the mix. But I do think there is a stability issue here, I think our representative government truly believes that Mexico will fall if we cut off illegal immigration.

And you know what?

Their absolutely right, moreover, things down there will get much, much worse, but it's not our problem. Mexico is a sovereign country that has based it's entire economy on exporting workers illegally to the United States to the tune of 20 billion dollars a year.

No matter what we do we're damned here. My suggestion is the only one that seems fair, throw everybody back over the border, stir, and let them do whatever the hell it is they want to do, we have a country up here that needs our attention, they have a country down there that needs to be forced to stop existing as a kleptocracy.

NAFTA was supposed to end this problem right? Well it ain't happening, and it ain't going to happen any time soon...
Some experts say Mexico’s failure to compete against China is largely the fault of local business owners who failed to take advantage of NAFTA, the 1994 North American Free Trade Agreement.

After trade with the United States boomed in the mid-to-late 1990s, many entrepreneurs spent their profits by adopting luxury lifestyles rather than investing in technology, said Pedro Lopez de Alba, director of the Guanajuato state Science and Technology Council. […]

What’s missing is a “real entrepreneurial culture,” said Lopez de Alba. “The Mexican entrepreneur waits for the government and puts his hand out. There needs to be a cultural change in companies. If we don’t change that mentality of business owners, we never will become a developed country.”
Any true change can only come from within, they have to want to change for any actual change to take place. There is nothing we can do to force Mexico to cease being a corrupt, backwards, third world country.

So let's stop pretending we can. Culture matters and unfortunately the dominant culture in mexico mitigates against positive change. Until Mexico chooses to live as something other than a carbuncle on the ass of America it becomes vitally important that we deny them the dishonest living they and many other countries have been depending on.

When idiot college students accuse the United States support illegal immigration on the one hand, yet suggest that America is somehow holding these countries back it shows how poor and useless our schools have become. The hard truth is that one of the largest factors standing in the way of market improvements in Mexico and most other South American countries are remittances.

Remittances serve a dual purpose. They fund and increase illegal immigration and virtually ensure that third world countries can go merrily along the way without making any major changes, those stolen American dollars go a very long way.

They allow the corrupt dictators of these lands to laugh all the way to the bank, on your dime!

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