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Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Immigration Spin Roundup

Here's a fun, if not surprising, look at how various sources -- from little bitty to the Big Boys -- reported the House's announcement to hold hearings to *GASP* find out what the American people want before attempting to craft legislation that addresses border security, illegal immigration, and immigration reform:

GOP's Call for Hearings Puts Immigration Overhaul in Limbo (Note different headline in Google news search: House Derails Bush Immigration Overhaul) -- LA Times

House says immigration hearing needed before deal with Senate --

Hastert calls for forums on immigration bills: Summer hearings called delay tactic -- Boston Globe

House GOP to hold hearings around the country on immigration -- Kansas City Star

House hearings threaten Senate immigration bill -- CNN

House Plan May Delay Immigration Overhaul -- New York Times

House wants hearings on immigration: Delay could spell doom for reform bill's passage this year -- Chicago Tribune

Immigrant bill might be doomed this year: Bush's call for action delayed by House's plan for public hearings -- Houston Chronicle

House GOP doing it their own way on immigration -- San Francisco Chronicle

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