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Friday, June 23, 2006

House Republicans Blast McKennedy/Bush Bill


And it's about time too!

This released yesterday from Boehner's office...

* Republicans strongly support initiatives to secure our borders and provide additional resources to federal and state authorities to strengthen border patrol efforts.

* Republicans strongly support strengthening enforcement and stiffening penalties for illegal immigrants who break our immigration laws.

* Republicans support enforcing the law on employers who knowingly hire illegal immigrants and holding them accountable.

* Republicans oppose efforts to reward the behavior of illegal immigrants who have made the choice to break our laws.

* Republicans believe the success of our country depends on newcomers obeying the law, assimilating into American society by learning English, and embracing our common identity as Americans.
And it points out just a small handful of the horrors of the McKennedy/Bush bill...

There are four things all Americans should know about the Democrat Reid-Kennedy immigration bill:

* As many as 60 million new immigrants will be allowed over the next twenty years.

* Mexico would have to be consulted regarding the construction of a barrier at the border.

* Guaranteed Social Security benefits would be provided for illegal immigrants for time they were in the country illegally.

* Allows illegal immigrants to pay in-state tuition at state colleges and universities.

The Reid-Kennedy immigration bill is the wrong direction for our country, and exemplifies the notorious weakness of Capitol Hill Democrats on defense and border security issues.
One hopes that this change of heart is permanent, but one doubts it.

H/T Polipundit


MJ @ 2:25p.m.: Did anyone else notice the name Boehner uses when referring to the Senate immigration bill in this press release? He calls it the Reid-Kennedy Immigration Bill. Gee, you'd think he didn't want to confess that a Republican by the name of John McCain played a large role in crafting and pushing this insulting piece of legislation. I think this warrants a call to his office...

MJ @ 2:39 p.m.: Just got off the phone with Boehner's office. I asked the person who answered the phone why the bill was called "Reid-Kennedy" in the statement instead of "McCain-Kennedy." She responded that Harry Reid is the Senate minority leader. I told her I know who he is, just not why his name was on the bill in Boehner's statement. She asked me if I was with an organization, then put me on hold. Several minutes later she came back to say I needed to speak with the Communications Director, but he was in a meeting. (If I had a quarter for every time I've heard THAT on the phone...) I left a message in Kevin Smith's voicemail, but don't have high hopes on a return call.

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