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Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Nope, No Hysteria Here

Source: idiocynow!

In this interview Nativo Lopez, a noted mouth breather, whined thusly (idiocy and general bed-wetting bolded for your reading pleasure)...
NATIVO LOPEZ: The Sensenbrenner bill is essentially an enforcement-only legislation, militarizes the border with the border wall, with the National Guard, with enhancing the authority of the local police officers to act as agents of the immigration authorities. It penalizes, in a criminal manner, employers, the worker himself, herself, or anybody that would aid and assist an undocumented immigrant. Not much different, for example, from the 1851 Fugitive Slave Act in the United States that made it a felony offense against anyone that aided or abetted a fugitive slave. The Sensenbrenner bill would essentially do the same thing, would create a felony offense against an employer, against an immigrant worker or anybody that would assist an individual.

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