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Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Nope, Nothing To See Here...

source: sltrib

I'm sure all the illegal loving Republicans are breathing a big sigh of relief when they read this...
For Jacob, Cannon it's up in the air
John Jacob, a political neophyte, has ridden anxieties over immigration into striking distance of unseating Rep. Chris Cannon in the 3rd Congressional District race, according to a Salt Lake Tribune poll.
The survey of 400 likely voters, conducted Monday through Thursday, found Eagle Mountain businessman Jacob and five-term congressman Cannon in a dead heat with 44 percent of voters favoring Cannon to 41 percent for Jacob, leaving enough voters on the fence to throw the race either way.
I'm certain everyone here knows just how easy it isn't to unseat an incumbent, or force a primary upon a five term congressman, right?

the news keeps getting better for our illegal lovin (R)'s...
Among those who insist they are "definite" about turning out Tuesday to vote, Jacob holds a slight edge: 45 percent to 44 percent. And among voters in Utah County, the conservative heart of the district that stretches from Salt Lake County to Beaver County, the lead is even more pronounced, with Jacob at 45 percent to Cannon's 40 percent.
Whew, well it's clear to me that the American people, especially cultural conservatives simply want loads more illegals, yeah, that's the ticket.
"Jacob has a pretty good shot at pulling this off," says Brad Coker, managing director for Mason-Dixon Polling & Research. "It's never easy to beat an incumbent, but he is in a very good position. The question is, can he keep it together through Tuesday?"
Here's hopin' for one more bloody spike in the heart of the president's nation dissolving desires. Go get'em Mr. Jacobs and stop with the crazy talk already!

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