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Monday, June 26, 2006

Ruben Navarrette: Democracy, What's That Meng?

Source: washington post

Noted fellator of illegals Ruben Navarrette weighs in today on the House Republicans plan to hold hearings on the Senate's abortion of an immigration reform bill...
First House Speaker Dennis Hastert announced his intent to hold, in August, what is sure to be a series of heated public hearings on the Senate immigration bill. Obviously the idea is to poke holes in the legislation and make it easier to defeat.

House Republicans have their own bill, which bears little resemblance to what their colleagues in the upper chamber have in mind. The Senate bill offers a concrete plan for what to do with 11 million to 12 million illegal immigrants already in the country. The House bill offers little more than chest-thumping and tough enforcement measures, such as making unauthorized presence in the United States a felony, from which the Republican leadership has already started to back away.
A concrete plan? Well Ruby if you weren't so busy fellating illegals aliens you might be willing to call it what it is, amnesty, and that the American people won't do again. And if you took the time to do something other than weep piteously for those who have broken into this country and stolen the American dream, you might be able to see just how bad the Senate bill actually is, but I'm not holding my breath.
The stunt gives Republicans a mallet that they can use to beat Democrats over the head. The House leaders have already dubbed the Senate legislation "the Kennedy bill" -- in reference to Sen. Edward M. Kennedy (D-Mass.), a co-sponsor. Never mind that the bill's other co-sponsor is a Republican -- Sen. John McCain of Arizona -- or that nearly two dozen Republicans voted for the bill. Never mind that the Senate bill was passed by, well, the Senate, and so it seems silly for House leaders to try to use it to gain an election-year advantage over Democrats in the House.
Here I actually agree with ole' Ruby, it is silly for Republicans to not give John ( I love underage Thai hookers and cheap scotch) McCain the drubbing he so richly deserves. His behavour during the passage of te Senate bill bordered on the bizarre, suggesting that ILLEGAL ALIENS would be treated like Jim Crow era black Americans and ceaselessly substituting delicious fruits and vegetables in plce of the perfectly serviceable word amnesty.
As a bonus, the hearings also provide political cover for House Republicans eager to kill the Senate bill. They can come back to Washington and claim that they were all set to do something about the problem of illegal immigration but then they heard from constituents who have cultural concerns -- that they shouldn't have to "press 1 for English" or that taco trucks are invading their neighborhoods, etc. -- and they're sure that legalizing the undocumented will only make it all worse. And so now, reluctantly, they have to take a pass and do nothing at all.
By minimizing the concerns people have at the unending flood of legal and illegal immigrants Ruby shows how little he values this country. Mocking those who value this countries heritage and have concerns that it might be getting lost in the current flood Ruby shows where his true loyalties lay, hint, it's not America.
Meanwhile, Bush has said that an enforcement-only approach won't work and that he supports the comprehensive immigration reform that the Senate bill would deliver. And so he's sure to be furious over this act of betrayal by members of his own party. Which may explain why House leaders waited until Bush left for Europe before making the announcement.
Poor president Bush, how dare those stupid American people presume to tell him no? I mean, it must be quite frystrating to have your lifelong dream of securing endless cheap labor for your big business cronies while concurrently eliminating America, bummer dude!
Think about that for a second. What does it mean when legislators use transparency and public forums as a weapon against one another? And why is it thought to be such an effective weapon? "Tick me off, and I'll hold hearings into the bill you passed." It makes you wonder what they're hiding and what they're doing in Washington when we're not looking. And it makes you shudder.
Finally he makes a little sense. The Senate bill was so chock-a-bloc full of hidden anti-American bombs and traps that the very best thing possible is that it die a quick and silent death.

Mr. Navarrette loves illegal aliens, that's his business and his right, what annoys me about him is the tone of his articles, that if you don't support illegal immigration as well you must be a (fill in the tasty pejorative phrase of the day here). Well Mr. Navarrette I've said this before and I'll day it again, an American can be any race, religion, color, or national extraction. What they can't be is an illegal alien who has only come here to make money.

A nation like the United States is a delicate balance, and that balance can be disturbed, it was once before. After the last great wave of immigration the country took a hard turn to the left and stayed there for fifty years. Any thoughts on why?

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