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Saturday, June 24, 2006

They Won't Self Deport?

Source: NPR

Oh really? Then somebody needs to tell that to this smart looking gentleman above, because they, um, are...
It might seem as if Jones' campaign against illegal immigration isn't having much impact -- that is, until you head across town to an area locals call Little Mexico. Residents say the area has been revitalized by immigrants from Mexico, but as I visit, the streets are mostly empty, and in a 20-minute period, four police cars go by.

"I've heard about what is happening with the new laws and, honestly, I'm scared because we don't have our papers," says Alejandra, a Hispanic woman pushing her toddler son down the street in a stroller.

She has just come from collecting clothes at a church and looks as if she can't get home fast enough. As she speaks, her eyes dart all around. Alejandra says she tries to stay off the streets as much as possible these days. Her husband has a job in a factory, but they're so worried that they, too, might be arrested by the sheriff that they just might give up on life in the United States.

"In two, three months, we might go back to Mexico and not come back again," Alejandra says. "I even have a brother-in-law, his company has told him he has one more month and then there will be no more work for him. So we're going to have to go."
Well I'll be damned, what's this? With no work available they what?

Leave, I'm astonished, so many good (yet retarded) people have explained to us in dulcet and patronizing tones that illegals wouldn't leave simply because we pursued enforcement, simply because there was no work to be had. I won't believe these fine (yet retarded) asshats would say something they know wasn't true, so I'll assume, for the sake of kindness, that they're retarded.

The rest of the article details the steps the Sheriff is taking to rid his town of the scourge of illegal aliens. It's good stuff, I did want to point out a passage, the sheer arrogance of which made my jaw drop...
"If two simultaneous calls came in -- one that was national security, and the other being an undocumented immigrant that poses no significant public safety threat -- you can surmise exactly where we'll put our resources," Palmore says.
You think they had a national security call that day?

Me neither.

H/T Vdare

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