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Saturday, June 24, 2006

...And A Brand New Car!

Our favorite lunatics, the "pro-immigrant" forces have donned their "thinking" caps and written a manifesto.  This document contains their fondest hopes and desires vis-a-vis illegal immigration.

Shhh, let's listen in...
They are putting forward a slate of demands: full legalization of all undocumented persons; no border walls; no detention and deportation of immigrants; protection of civil rights for all; no “guest worker” slave labor program; opposition to the “criminalization” of immigrants; full worker rights for all; reunification measures for immigrant families; repeal of sanctions on employers of undocumented workers; and no to both the Sensenbrenner bill (HR-4437) and the Hegel-Martinez bill (S-2611).
Isn't it amazing how stupid these people are?

Here are my hopes and dreams stupid Communist/Socialist worker types...

1. More huge marches, they help your cause, no really!

2. Continue to make ridiculous demands, the American people get the warm fuzzies when you do.

3. Take a bath!

H/T alienoutrage

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