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Sunday, June 25, 2006

WAR Radio: It's Coming!

Wild Bill over at Passionate America stumbled across a post today advertising our new venture -- WAR Radio!

It was found over at Sneakeasy's Joint. who appears to have an outstanding operation going over there.

WAR Radio is an internet based, streaming radio station.  We have 25 bloggers on board, and they're quite a cast of characters.  We have Lord Misha from Anti-idiotarian Rottwieler, Pamela from Atlas Shrugs, the gals from Euphoric reality, Rick Moran from Rightwing Nuthouse, Cao from Cao's Blog, Gribbit of Gribbit's Word, GM Roper from GM Roper's Blog, The Real Teen from Right On The Right, Terry Dillard from Right Truth, Wild Bill from Passionate America, Total Kaos, Kander of Kender's Blog, The Mad Tech, Brian Bonner from The Uncooperative Blogger, MsUnderestimated, Buckley F. Williams, and of course me!

One of the things I'm most impressed by in this venture is the depth and breadth of talent and variety of these bloggers.  We have sober political analysis (Gribbit, Rick Moran, GM Roper), In your face programs (Pamela, Cao, Brian Bonner, Me) Comedy (The Real Teen, Buckley F. Williams, Total Kaos) Devotional (RomeoKat) and much, much more!

In aggregate these blogs are receiving more than a million hits a month.  We hope to be the first to break through in webcasting live content. 

My show will be called "Welcome To America -- Now Speak English."  I'll be focusing on the unbelievably huge issue of illegal immigration.  Though many radio hosts have begun talking about this issue recently, most still shy away from really digging in to explain what's really going on here, it should get interesting.

If you operate a patriotic buiness that refuses to hire illegal aliens and are interested in advertising on the show or the network please let me know via comment or email, there will be some start up deals.

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