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Sunday, June 25, 2006

Diana West: Kickin' Ass & Taking Names

We've had a soft spot for Diana West around since she gave this humble blog a mention some time ago.  She has a piece up today that really gets to the heart of the matter vis-a-vis the Liberal/elite death wish.

My favorite bit...(and it was a challenge to not just post the whole thing, it's that good)
In the 21st century, however, there is something that our society values more than our own lives — and more than the survival of civilization itself. That something may be described as the kind of moral superiority that comes from a good wallow in Abu Ghraib, Haditha, CIA interrogations or Guantanamo Bay. Morally superior people — Western elites — never "humiliate" prisoners, never kill civilians, never torture or incarcerate jihadists. Indeed, they would like to kill, I mean, prosecute, or at least tie the hands of, anyone who does. This, of course, only enhances their own moral superiority. But it doesn't win wars. And it won't save civilization.
Read it!

My take on this is fairly simple, when fighting savages you will be forced to respond in kind.  If you've ever been in a fistfight where the guy starts biting or pulls a knife in a fistfight you already know what I mean.  When fighting savages you have to be willing and able to get down in the mud with them on occasion and take the gloves off or you will lose.

The people we're fighting don't follow the Geneva conventions, no matter how "nice" we are to them they will continue to slowly saw the heads off any westerner that falls into their grasp, with a dull knife, jumping up and down on their chests to increase the blood spurt, this makes for better video don'cha know.

And when I hear anyone compare Abu Ghraib with beheading videos I know one thing for certain, that person is lost to decency.  They are literally beyond saving and it becomes a moral imperative to shun them and ignore anything the have to say, it is simply too dangerous in this time to allow moral equivocators the opportunity to bind, hinder or hurt the proud men and women who serve us so valiantly.

When fighting savages you will be required to display savagery, when you compare our troops with the low-life scum they fight, when you cannot see the difference between a momentary lapse on the battlefield and a life dedicated to killing innocents, you deserve scorn and nothing less.

When fighting savages no one remains clean, you will get mud on you.  Our grandparents understood that, they knew that when the enemy committed an act of savagery it became incumbent on us to respond in kind, no one really gave a furry rat's ass about some ephemeral idea of "reciprocity" or "proportionality."  When the Hun hurt us we hurt him back tenfold and that is one of my chief complaints about this war and this President.

No matter what the ACLU thinks, or what Dick Durbin thinks, or what Cindy Sheehan says...

When fighting savages...

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