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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

But Wait: The Mexitude Continues...

Source: wate
Demonstrator says police used excessive force to arrest him

Mitchell claims officers used excessive force when they handcuffed and tasered him. He says he fell against these bushes when he was arrested after a brief struggle.

As amateur video of Mitchell's arrest plays, he says, "I said, 'You telling me I can't take the American flag in there?' He says, 'I'm telling you that.' I said, 'Can I take a Mexican flag in there?' About that time, they jumped me."

The arrest was caught on tape by a rally organizer, turning what was supposed to be a peaceful rally against illegal immigration into a fight for their own First Amendment rights.

Mitchell says he came to show support but wound up in jail instead. "To this day, no police officer has told me I was under arrest. No police officer has told me anything."

A Highway Patrol spokesperson tells 6 News officers could not allow Mitchell to carry the flagpole into the rally because it was too sharp.

"I say that's silly," Mitchell says. "This is the same type flag, plastic with a plastic Eagle on top and there's nothing dangerous about this. My little grandson can bend this."

In pictures of Mitchell's back, he says the faint red marks you can see were caused when an officer tasered him. "I've got holes in my back. It all happened so fast. I couldn't handle them four men, four young men."

6 News spoke to a Morristown Police Department spokeswoman. She says they have reason to believe a taser was used during the incident.
Can you read these words and not think that this police department, these officers were looking to rough up an American? I can't.

And for what? Carrying an American flag? Asking if he would be allowed to carry a Mexican flag?

This is a frightening story folks, I'm going to try to contact some of those involved, I hope they at least have some intelligent excuses for why they attacked and Tasered a sixty two year old vet in this shameful fashion.

The Mexitude continues!

H/T Vdare

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